Malta Company Summary of Benefits

  • Tax exemptions (5% implied Tax on profits from trading activities of the Malta Company. Full exemption on participating holdings)
  • No withholding taxes, stamp duties or exchange control restrictions apply on distribution of profits from the Maltese Company to non-resident shareholders, and these dividends can be expatriated without any restrictions.
  • Anonymity (Nominee services offered ensures that your (shareholding, Directors etc).
  • Highest level of privacy protection
  • Limited liability with minimal paid up capital requirement for the Maltese Company (as little as € 250)
  • Business can be conducted internationally, and with minimal changes through the Malta Company
  • The Malta Company will be incorporated using your desired name (subject to approval by the Registrar of Companies).
  • Companies registered in Malta are considered resident in Malta, wherever ownership or management exists or business is carried out.
  • Non-residents are freely entitled to hold shares or office in a Malta Company
  • Annual and general meetings of the Maltese Company may be held outside Malta
  • Malta Companies may hold funds in banks outside Malta.
  • The company formation procedure in Malta typically takes 48 hours.
  • Companies can be redomiciled to Malta.

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