Malta Company Formation Process

Forming a Malta company encompasses a fairly straightforward and simple process. By the same token, you do not need to be physically present in Malta in order to form a Malta company, hence adding to Malta’s plausibility as a jurisdiction for company formation.

Due Dilligence: Thefirst step in the process of establishing a Malta company requires us to obtain due diligence on the Shareholders and Directors of the Malta company. In order to satisfy this, we would require a copy of an Identification document as well as bank references of all involved in the Malta Company. In the case of EU citizens, the MFSA requires only a copy of the Passport of the Directors and shareholders of the Malta Company. Furthermore,to open a bank account under the name of the Malta company, the bank would require further documentation from the Company’s Directors. It is important to note that we would be able to provide you with all the details and forms to be able to open a bank account on behalf of the Malta Company and will guide you along each step of the application process.

Malta Company Incorporation: in order to set-up a Malta Company, a Memorandum and Articles of Association is required. At E&S Group, we can draft this for you and this will contain details such as: The chosen activities of the Malta Company

  • Identity of the shareholders of the Malta Company and how the share capital is going to be divided
  • Identity of the Directors of the Malta Company
  • Identity of the Malta Company Secretary
  • All legal requirements of a Malta Company, and how the company is going to be governed. This Company document would usually be about 25 / 40 pages long.

Once this document has been drafted,  it will be sent to you to be signed by the relevant parties. Additionally, once we receive the executed document back, we will proceed to register the Malta company. Firstly we will deposit the share capital with the Bank (min share capital paid up by a Malta company is of Euro 250). After this, we will apply to the MFSA for the Malta Company Registration. This usually takes as little as 48 hours. Lastly, once we receive the documents back from the MFSA, we will then proceed to apply for Tax and VAT on the Malta Companies behalf.

Contact our CBDO on LinkedIn Deborah Vella or email us on for more information as well as for a quote. We will happily guide you through the Malta companies formation process and also advise you on the solutions that would best suite your needs!