Malta Fund Company

Hedge Funds in Malta

Hedge funds in Malta are known as Professional Investor Funds (PIFs). Malta’s sophisticated regulatory regime ensures a light but strong regulatory environment for PIFs to operate. PIFS are allowed a significant amount of flexibility. Maltese legislation allows for various types of funds to operate as PIFs. PIFs can be serviced by overseas providers including Fund Managers, Prime Brokers, Custodians and Administrators.

Characteristics of PIFS

  • No investment restrictions
  • No leverage restrictions in certain cases
  • No Custodian in certain cases
  • May be operated from overseas
  • Low reporting requirements
  • Listing on any recognized exchange
  • Possibility of self- managed PIFs
  • Tax efficient structure

Licensing process usually takes 5-6 weeks from application.

Advantages of PIFS

  • Low initial capital requirements
  • Low registration fees
  • Low annual fees
  • Competitive professional fees
  • Competitive listing fees

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Due to the nature of PIFS, each case is treated on its own merit. We thus suggest you to contact our CBDO on LinkedIn Deborah Vella or email us on with a detailed description of what your intentions are, and we will be happy to help you out.