Malta Trading Company

The tax paid by trading companies registered in Malta is at the rate of 35%. However, since Malta operates the full imputation system of taxation, the tax paid by the Malta trading company is allowed as a credit to the shareholders (non-resident in Malta Shareholders of the trading company in Malta) when distributions are made to them. Shareholding of the Malta trading company may be held by individuals or through a Maltese Company (holding company) that acts as a dividend feeder company. Moreover, on the distribution of a dividend from the Maltese trading company, the shareholders may claim a tax refund of six sevenths (6/7) of the tax paid by the trading company.

The implications and effects on current business in setting up a trading company are minimal. Effectively the only amendments required are:

  1. Change of Trading name (If a different company name is chosen) to that of the Maltese Company.
  2. Change of head office address to the Maltese registered office on all Company correspondence.
  3. Setting up of a Business bank account in Malta

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